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Professional Services

Individual psychotherapy with adults and young adults Areas of exploration include:

  • Struggles with depression and/or anxiety
  • Life transitions
  • Establishing self-esteem and a stronger sense of self
  • Relationship challenges


Assisted Reproduction

  • Evaluations of egg donors and surrogate mothers - gestational carriers
  • Evaluations of intended parents using gamete donation or gestational carriers
  • Education and support in the parenting of children who have come to you through assisted reproductive technologies or adoption

Special Areas of Interest


I have twenty years of experience accompanying individuals through the challenges of impaired fertility. It will not surprise anyone who has been touched by infertility, that

The psychological might include empathy and emotional support; learning necessary coping mechanisms to survive the experience; finding ways to take care of yourself in mind and body; and learning to set limits on infertility

The spiritual might include what has been learned from the experience; how has it enlarged your sense of self, or range of possibilities for a meaningful life; how will you use it to grow beyond your current self-definitions; and in what ways will you draw on this experience in order to find greater meaning in your life


I am a therapist whose experience as a parent has challenged and shaped me in almost every way I can imagine. Good parenting is far more complex and paradoxical than any parenting book or expert will ever capture.

In my work I support parents to feel more secure in setting limits; to understand the unique needs of each child and the many

While my goal in working with all parents includes strengthening parenting skills, I also help them find greater compassion and respect for themselves because of the enormity of the growth that good parenting demands. And together we discover and celebrate the unique challenges and gifts of each child.

Creative Expression

I believe that each of us has the capacity to create a radically different relationship to life, with its joy and its suffering

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